Reporting Burnt Out Streetlights in Duluth


Is there a website or phone number for Duluth where one can report burnt out street lights? There are three burnt out in a row on the eastern end of Pittsburg Avenue, making it very dark at night and I know of many more, too. Would it be through Minnesota Power or the city of Duluth itself?

Thank you.



about 6 years ago

"For everyone's future reference, all wood poles are Minnesota Power's responsibility, so you can call them for wood poles' light problems. The City of Duluth's poles are metal, and you can call or email us to report problems. Lisa Potswald, Director of Public Administration, City of Duluth."

Taken from another website. But this information is seriously too hard to find. If you go to the Comfort System website (to whom we pay a street light fee) they do NOT post this information; at least in a logical and easily found place - say the streetlight page. And I seem to remember having to search for the information on the Minnesota Power website as well.


about 6 years ago

There are lots of them out in my neighborhood since the Big Blow, and I think it's wonderful, because *stars*.

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