I Fell In Right After Taking This Footage Which Clearly Shows Me Being An Idiot

About five minutes after this footage was taken I wandered too far onto an escarpment of ice over Lake Superior. Marching out there, intending to be careful and to stay a couple feet from the edge, I said, “Let’s go risk our lives!”

I remember the crack opening up about four feet from the edge. I made a failed attempt to leap to my partner as the tip of this ice jetty as big as a car calved off and dunked me in. The water was calm and only a couple feet deep — I knew this, which had increased my bravado (also I am familiar with the area and have played there many winters) — but the fall was nevertheless several feet onto a chunky pile of loose slush. I banged my knee up, soaked my pants and boots with icy water, and scared my partner to death.

I was an idiot, the air temps were above freezing in full sun, and a small voice kept telling me the edge was only a weak conglomerate. I’d been out on it several times in recent weeks with a careful eye, and should have calculated the risks more accurately that day. For instance, if I’d hit my head as hard as I hit my knee, things could have gone very differently. Let’s be careful out there folks. DON’T DO WHAT I DID.

I wish the camera had been rolling when I fell so you could see this sort of close call and I didn’t even get good footage of my fall, so be more smart. This video clearly shows me being foolish so I have given it a vapidly peppy soundtrack to emphasize how maybe I should have been taking it all more seriously. I deserved it.



about 7 years ago

My Nigga Jim! When are you going to stop letting mother nature treat you like her bitch?  Don't let her waltz you to the grave like that.  And you want to use Vivaldi  to show the absolute suffering and tragedy of your downfall, not Super Mario. I shouldn't have to tell you this.

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Stanging on the Edge

If there is an edge, you have to stand on it. Mother nature will treat all of us like her bitch, one way or another, eventually.

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