Selective Focus: Bliss

Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson, untitled

Bliss is seldom of an epiphanic nature; it often just slowly suffuses us, when after years or moments prior we’d barely thought it possible that matters could just placidly align. But a surfeit of joy can be just as intolerable as an abundance of grief. Neither can be sustained, and each will evanesce, then quietly, someday, return.

So in recognition of this pendulation, next week’s theme will be “loss.” Interpret that broadly. Send images without watermarks or signatures by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m to tim @ — 1000px at their largest dimension — along with title (if any), and URL of your website, Facebook page, Tumblr, or Instagram.

Mandie Johnson

Mandie Johnson, untitled

Mike Hanson bliss

Michael Hanson, “Vega reflecting God”

Kyle MacLean

Kyle MacLean, untitled

Paul McIntyre

Paul McIntyre, untitled

Paul McIntyre

Paul McIntyre, untitled

Aaron Reichow

Aaron Reichow, untitled

Rachael Kilgour

Rachael Kilgour, untitled

Hansi Johnson

Hansi Johnson, untitled

Hansi Johnson

Hansi Johnson, untitled

Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton, “First Hockey Practice”

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