The other Horton for Mayor song

The “Fighting for Duluth” song posted previously on PDD drew a fair amount of attention, and plenty of speculation that it was created as satire. The song in this post seems to have the full endorsement of Duluth mayoral candidate Chuck Horton. According to the credits, the music, lyrics and vocals are by Joe Tuttle, the slideshow was produced by Otiz Mac, and the “message and video are approved by Chuck Horton.”

Note: Normally PDD would not post a campaign ad as content, but in this case the argument can be made that there is entertainment value. And maybe a case for equal time. Let the battle of campaign songs begin.



about 6 years ago

I think we're going to have to give this round to the Horton camp.


about 6 years ago

Would 'worst rap song of all time' be redundant? I don't think Chuck realizes the vast majority of his would-be voters, such as those pictured above, don't really have a background in hip hop. He might've been smarter to serve up some Bing Crosby. But perhaps this affords them the opportunity to feel progressive, like they're moving along with these changing times.

OMG, LOL, and WTF, together again...


about 6 years ago

The song sounds genuine - perhaps someone who was helped by Chuck. I have to give props to the kid who made it, and honestly, Chuck for making some positive gesture that had such a great influence on this kid's life.
However, he's still not getting my vote.


about 6 years ago

This one makes me feel sad. The other one made me laugh. Those are the factual statements about these songs I can make.

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