Selective Focus: Black and White

Brian Barber

Brian Barber, “Bandit”

Black and white photography is most often anything but. Degrees of tone exist in a broad spectrum within what we reductively deem either/or. I’ve argued before that its use as an aesthetic device is antiquarian, retrogressive- that the medium has grown past the limitation, yet there remains an appeal in seeing images pared to their essence, without the ersatz mediation of hdr and hyper-saturation.

With Halloween upon us, next week’s theme will be “Ancestry.” Yes, I want to focus on the veil between the living and spirit world’s, not kids courting hyperglycemia. Let’s see those family albums, and the people who’ve made our being here possible. Send images without watermarks or signatures by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m to tim @ — 1000px at their largest dimension — along with title (if any), and URL of your website, Facebook page, Tumblr, or Instagram.

Zach Kerola

Zach Kerola, “Prom Queen, Petting Zoo”

Kip Praslowicz

Kip Praslowicz, “First Street, January 2009 “

Paul McIntyre

Paul McIntyre, untitled

Bryan French

Bryan French, “Speculation”

Ann Klefstad

Ann Klefstad, “Little Berg”

Ann Klefstad

Ann Klefstad, “Night Seas”

Dave Sorensen

Dave Sorensen, untitled

 Brian Barber

Brian Barber, “Nebraska 1986”

Paul Lundgren

Paul Lundgren, “Bob and Anna”

 Brandon Wagner

Brandon Wagner, “Tiny Dancer”

Aaron Reichow

Aaron Reichow, “Zoo Animal”

Richard Narum

Richard Narum, “Don’t eat dat baby”

 Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan, “Summertime Jubilation”

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