Honeycomb Hideout: Robb Berry’s Basement Cereal Box Museum

Hidden away in a West Duluth basement is a one-of-a-kind museum — Robb Berry’s cereal box collection. He has been collecting cereal toys and premiums since he was a kid in the 1970s, and started collecting boxes shortly after that.

Unfortunately, Berry’s basement is not open to the public. But if you’re interested in the vast history of cereal, he also manages the Cereal Boxes and Prizes Archives 1900-Present Facebook page, where collectors and enthusiasts share their finds and questions about the hobby.

PDD was granted access to the catacombs that hold Berry’s collections. He is a fountain of information, so we present this special PDD Back-to-School series in three parts this week. Grab the milk, a spoon and a bowl and enjoy.

Part Two — Cereal Brands: The Good, the Bad and the Sugary
Part Three — Prize Inside: Cereal Toys and Premiums Through the Decades


Niff Bimrod

about 8 years ago

Suddenly, I feel a whole lot better about myself!

the Midnight Taco

about 8 years ago

This is super cool!  
Believe it or not, I grew up in the epitome of a 'Mad Men' house. My Dad worked for General Mills, and actually 'invented' Clackers - which is the box behind the Rob man. 
He brought home all kinds of cereal, and when we ran out he would feed us broken up graham crackers and milk. We got to like it so much, that Dad had the idea of Clackers. 
Really cool to see this collection, and I hope to see it in person.  Dad also designed a Lionel train car as he was heading up marketing for Lionel as well - a General Mills company in the day.  Reminds me of 4th grade again, bragging on the playground that my dad invented cereals . . .


about 8 years ago

I like this collection. Mr. Berry has done a great job of interesting me in something that interests him.

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