DirecTV service/signal in Duluth?

I had DirecTV when I lived in Minneapolis and was very happy with it. When we moved up here we rented for starters and I just went with Charter because the rental was wired for cable.

I really don’t like very much about Charter, other than the Internet, which my company pays for anyway. I am considering going back to DirecTV when my promotional rate with Charter is up.

My question is, with the frequent fog, heavy snow, etc. is signal strength an issue? I’d love some feedback from people who have used or are using DirecTV in Duluth. Thanks!



about 8 years ago

We had DirectTV for about three years when we lived down near London Road and 47th Avenue East. We seldom, almost never, had weather-related issues. I remember maybe only two outages the whole time. One was in heavy snowstorm and one was in a heavy thunderstorm. It seemed to handle normal rain, snow, and fog just fine. Sometimes when it was super windy we would have an issue because our receiver was under a tree that was not in the way except when the wind was blowing it into the signal path. But that was a tree and dish sighting issue more than a service issue.

Nick L

about 8 years ago

This doesn't directly answer your DirectTV question but I recall no weather interruptions when we had Dish Network. We dropped it in 2012 for streaming, not from any quality issues.


about 8 years ago

Our only issues have been during really bad thunderstorms with heavy rain, and one time with snow accumulation on the dish.  My guess would be 2-4 outages/year. Which isn't a huge deal, especially after you have some stuff on your DVR which works when normal service is out.

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