Selective Focus: Memorial

Brian Barber

Brian Barber, “Cat Portrait”

Some vivid reminders this week that memorials can take many forms- anything from the solemn to the absurd. It’s good to recall our histories, our milestones, and our experiences with due reverence at times, and at others with some humor and an ironic distance.

In anticipation that much will blossom in the coming days, next week’s theme will be “bloom.”  Send your unwatermarked, signature-less images by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m to tim @ — 1000px at their largest dimension — along with title (if any), and URL of your website, Facebook page, Tumblr, or Flickr stream.

Cathy Schuyler

Cathy Schuyler, untitled

Cheryl Reitan

Cheryl Reitan, “She Remembers”

Cheryl Reitan

Cheryl Reitan, “Hillside”

Aaron Reichow

Aaron Reichow, “St. Louis County Poor Farm Cemetery”

Aaron Reichow

Aaron Reichow, “Memorial, Superior Hiking Trail”

Aaron Reichow

Aaron Reichow, “Poor Farm Cemetery Gate”

Smokies Zach

Zach Kerola, “Smokies”

Brian Barber

Brian Barber, “Historically Inaccurate School Project”

Brian Barber

Brian Barber, “Flowerpot”

DAve Sorenon

Dave Sorenson, “Pipestone”

Dave Sorenson

Dave Sorenson, “Holloway Trail”

Dave Sorenson

Dave Sorenson, “PAL”

Tim White

Tim White, untitled

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