Free Bulletin Boards in Duluth???

I’m looking for some places in Duluth where I can post some Community Action Duluth posters promoting our free MNsure and SNAP assistance program where they can be seen by wide audiences. If you know of a good place where our poster won’t be immediately ripped down or apart, I’d love to hear of it. Thank you!


Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Recommendations when a similar question was posed on PDD two years ago:

Beaner's Central
Dewitt-Seitz Marketplace
Electric Fetus 
Pizza Luce
Whole Foods Coop 
Chester Creek Cafe 
Hot Topic 
Dungeons End
Duluth Public Library 
Carmody Irish Pub


about 7 years ago

A couple days ago we noticed that the board at Chester Creek Cafe had been taken down.

Perk Place
Duluth Grill
Amity Coffee
Yarn Harbor


about 7 years ago

Sammy's Pizza in Lakeside


about 7 years ago

Starbucks on Woodland has a small board, though I don't know what their requirements are.  Also, there are a couple public boards on the UMD campus for non-university sponsored events.  Ask at the Welcome Desk in Kirby Student Center for locations.


about 7 years ago

Is there one inside the Heritage Center?  There's a boys/girls club there.


about 7 years ago

SuperOne Kenwood used to have one, not sure if they still do. Used to be many of the grocery stores had them, but some are long gone.  Sometimes they still post in windows. You could also contact leasing companies to see if you can post them in the windows of vacant or in other key areas. I'd scour the downtown blocks and businesses, and West Duluth areas and the Mall too - and along bus-stop areas / in bus-stop shelters or in-bus posters? Maybe contact the DTA? Jefferson stops / the airport?  Taxi companies?

I've noticed posters for local events on the doors at Mount Royal Bottle Shoppe and at the Duluth Library - Downtown and Mount Royal. 

Also, St Scholastica (and all the colleges; LSC, DBU, UMD, UWS) and the Whole Foods Co-op. Maybe the food shelves and Ruby's Pantry? Churches? Blood donation centers? Coffee shops. Toasty's, Jefferson People's House, the Bike Cave, Great Harvest Bread Company.

I'd also check into other community places -- maybe even at the farmers markets in both Duluth and Superior, and Damiano Center, Chum, Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank and even the women/teen shelters? The Park and Rec Center on Lake and Fourth Street. Downtown apartment/housing bulletin boards. Washington Studios. Loan and pawn shops. 4th Street Market.

Plus! Make a Facebook page and Twitter account and Google + , and more. Use your social media!!!


about 7 years ago

Because of your target audience, I'd ask at Goodwill, Salvation Army store, etc. Also, the county's WIC office, food shelf, libraries. Many gas stations will hang posters, too. If you could get inexpensive fliers printed, the public schools might hand them out. The kids come home sometimes with a packet of stuff that groups have given schools to distribute.

Noland Makowsky

about 7 years ago

Thank you all so very much for your answers and suggestions! I really do appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows of anyone needing assistance with getting health insurance and/or SNAP (Food Stamps, EBT card), please gives us a call at Community Action Duluth (218)-726-1665, and we'll be happy to provide free assistance.

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