Best Twin Ports Newstand?

Does anyone have a thought as to where I could find a wide variety of news-type magazines/newspapers for sale in town? Am I stuck having to hit Barnes & Noble on the dreaded Miller Hill or are there other options? Used magazines would be even better, as this is for a project I’m working on. The printed material will be effectively chopped apart as part of the process. Oh, Carlson’s … where are you when I need you???


Paul Lundgren

about 8 years ago

Estate sales often have piles of old magazines. That might be your best bet ... unless Old Man Carlson comes out of retirement.


about 8 years ago

I don't know what you're looking for, or on what timeframe.  (shhh) Mt Royal Library has a "free" bin -- you can drop off or pick up magazines for recycling. Sometimes it's all the same thing, sometimes there are lots of magazines there. There are magazines for sale at the downtown library (50 cents or something).

Likewise the friends of the library book sale -- they sell magazines there.

Also Savers.

Chris Machmer

about 8 years ago

Hey, great suggestions!  Thanks!

Chris Machmer

about 8 years ago

For the edification of all - I've confirmed Kerc's comment.  I also went to the main branch, and they have out of date magazines on a rack for sale at 54 cents per, with tax.  Cheers!

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