Reel North film and video call for entries

Reel North is a new film and video series at Zinema 2 that asks people to bring in any film/video they’ve made for a screening in front of an audience of their peers. It’s open to absolutely everyone and anyone who wants to see their work up on the big screen. The first event will be Tuesday, March 31, from 7 to 9 p.m. Admission is free.

Got a music video you made? Bring it in.

Some weird experimental thing? Bring it in.

Cat video? Yup.

Capture something interesting with you phonecam? We’ll put it up on screen.

Working on a short and need some feedback? Absolutely.

Old home movies? Neat.

Got a rant monologue? If it’s less than four minutes, sure.

Porn, snuff, or anything defined as “patently offensive”? C’mon … don’t be that way.

We will open up the floor for discussion and questions following every single film shown. That’s right, you get to supply the answers this time. But bring your thick skin, you’ll need to be brave and hear what people really think.

We’ll have very few rules as to what can be shown, but it must be projectable. Basically means that if you bring it in and put it into any of the formats we can screen it has to work with the equipment we have available.

You can:

  • Send a digital link
  • Bring in a bluray or DVD.
  • Let us know in advance if you need a 16mm or Super 8 projector, we’ll do our best.

We’ll give each film four minutes, but if it runs longer, the audience has the right to call it off the screen. Sort of like the Gong Show or Amateur Night at the Apollo.

You can walk up with it in hand or submit digitally in advance. Videos will be screened in the order they are received. If you’d like to submit in advance or have any questions, please email Richard Hansen at richard @

The best part? It’s all free. Free to bring in your stuff, free to watch, free to bring your friends.

This program will be part of “Zinema2sDays” at Zeitgeist Arts and supported in part by the Duluth Superior Film Festival.

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