Artificial trailer and Indiegogo campaign

My name is Lance Karasti and my team and I are working on a new project that will be filmed in Duluth over the next year. Artificial is about a young photographer who meets a mysterious visionary with plans to create a sentient program. We’ve already shot the prologue of the movie which features the photographer traveling around town and capturing some of the Duluth’s most iconic scenes.

For $10 you can get a copy of the film and your name in the end credits. Please consider supporting local filmmaking by donating and sharing the link. Thank you for your past and current support.


Amy Eliason

about 5 years ago

This sounds like a fascinating premise for a movie filmed in Duluth! Lance, just a suggestion here, but you might want to include in your intro video a definition of a sentient program. 

While many of you young whippersnappers grew up on The Matrix and Artificial Intelligence, if I showed this post to my friends at my high school reunion and maybe even at work, a hi-tech company, most would be like "Huhhhhwhaaaaaat?" 

It doesn't need to be complicated. Simply dumb it down ever so slightly, and I am sure you would see an increase in donations to this wonderful project.


about 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this! You get my money (or at least once I remember my Indigogo password...).

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