Guitars stolen from hardworking musicians

Copied from Facebook:

Hey all! My friend Andy Pletcher had a couple of instruments stolen out of his car early Sunday morning (sometime between 2am and 11am) while parked off the street on the 700 block of East Superior Street. They are:

A black Sterling (by Musicman) bass in a soft case

A red Gibson Flying V in a soft case.

So, if some crank-head, drunk, loady or otherwise morally deficit person offers to sell you either of these do me a favor and stab them with your butterfly knife. Or let me or the cops know. I will post serial numbers when they become available. Please share this post on your newsfeed. Be like McGruff and help take a bite outta crime!



about 8 years ago

This really grinds my gears. If they were lazy musicians, I'd still be upset. Keep an eye out folks!


about 8 years ago

Still looking for my Guild Starfire stolen over 10 years ago.


about 8 years ago

Crank-head, drunks, and loadys.

I'm going out on a limb and saying this guy is in a straight-edge band.


about 8 years ago

Super bummer. You just can't leave anything in your car though.  It's always worth it to bring whatever could be stolen inside wherever you go.


about 8 years ago

Jerks. Stealing instruments is the lowest form of thievery because they are so connected to the player, unique and irreplaceable.

Hope you find your guitars Andy. And Starfire's Guild. And Ted's Tele. And Big House Bob and my SG Jrs that were stolen New Years Eve at Luce about 8 years ago.

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