Snazzy Winter-time Stationery

Perched on the scandalously beautiful hillside of Duluth – where winter can reign – this winter-time stationery was cooked up out of a love for the quirky side of life and the delight it brings. It also was designed and printed in our Zenith City and even features a design of our harbor, illustrated with pizazz by moi.

Each packet contains ten cards and their ten glitzy, metallic envelope counterparts, as well as a bonus card to send to your crotchety neighbor, 2nd grade best friend, long-lost pen pal or the guy kitty-corner to your cubicle. Because, well, everyone loves to be delighted!

I have high hopes that these cards will brighten mailboxes, make mantles sparkle and bring a lilt of joy to the hearts of people who receive them, all winter long.

Check them out on Etsy.



about 9 years ago

Are you selling these cards anywhere locally or just on Etsy? Could I avoid shipping by picking them up if I bought them via Etsy?


about 9 years ago

Hi Claire! I would be happy to deliver an order to you! Check out the offerings on Etsy, send me an email with what you'd like and we can coordinate a swap -- jordan @ Thanks so much!


about 9 years ago

These cards are awesome! I have one box and am going to purchase more. They are not your typical holiday card. The colors are cool and the quality is fantastic. As a bonus, the copy on the box itself is clever and witty.  There's no question that anyone who receives a card will without a doubt be delighted.


about 9 years ago

These make me wish I sent out Christmas cards!

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