Vietnamese Lantern Review

I know this a Duluth blog, but I wanted to get the word out about the Vietnamese Lantern in Two Harbors. I ate there last night and it blew my socks off. The food was amazing!

The new owners took over in April and they have brought new life to an ailing establishment. Just wanted to say right off that I have no relationship to the new owners other than being a first-time patron.

Last night I ordered a yellow curry with beef and potatoes. Yep, I said potatoes! It was phenomenal! Normally I hate yellow curry cause most hippie/vegetarian/Caucasians put way too much cumin in the curry mix. This rivaled any red curry I have ever had. I could not stop eating it.

My complaint with the previous owners was that they had gotten lazy and started using bagged pre-cut vegetables in their dishes which imparted a formaldehyde taste to everything in the mix. The new owners definitely cut their own veggies fresh each day.

My only misgiving about eating there was that the hot-and-sour soup was neither spicy nor sour. But if I had to prepare meals for people in a land where salt and pepper are regarded as too spicy I might have gone the same direction.

If you get a chance to eat at this establishment you will not be sorry. Support local businesses. Screw the corporate chain restaurants! Make this place success!


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about 7 years ago

Glad to read this;  the old ownership had drifted to institutional flavors, so this is exciting!


about 7 years ago

Sounds good, I'll have to try it out when I get the chance.


about 7 years ago

I work in Knife River but often go to the Vietnamese for lunch - specifically the buffet. 

I will agree the new owners have tightened up on customer service, food quality, and presentation. That being said, I will comment that the attention to stocking the buffet has decreased. Frequently I've had to wait for items to be placed at the buffet or refilled. Lunch for me is generally with a co-worker and meant to be quick. 

I will allow them some time to work out the kinks but overall I've been satisfied with the increased quality of taste.

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