Who won Homegrown 2013?

Who won Homegrown 2013?

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This poll is now closed. The results were:

Wolf Blood – 11.2 percent
The Blasphemists – 8.4 percent
Bratwurst – 7.4 percent
Big Wave Dave & the Ripples – 3.7 percent
The Boomchucks – 3.7 percent
Various other bands – 65.6 percent

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about 10 years ago

What? Voting is closed? But.... why? Open up in there!


about 10 years ago

Freddy Tyson and his Tysonettes were robbed.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

With no apologies to slow-to-vote slackers, PDD is proud to announce that Homegrown 2013 has been won by Wolf Blood!


(Photos by the esteemed Mr. Jeremiah Brown.)

Barrett Chase

about 10 years ago

I was glad to see that Wolf Blood won, because I kept hearing about that show all week long after it happened. Unfortunately, I left Luce right before they took the stage, because I apparently didn't know what I was about to miss.


about 10 years ago

I left Norm's Beer & Brats in Supetown after Prince Paul's set and heard later that I missed Silverback Colony and they were absolutely fantastic. It happens to the best of us.


about 10 years ago

I think it helped that Wolf Blood played three shows that week.  Started at Luce on Sunday and ended at the Round Up the following Sunday. Thanks Wolf Blood! You gave me a new respect for Duluth's music scene!


about 9 years ago

Uh oh. Looks like there's some trouble a brewin' this year.

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