Springs Eternal.

I was running the trail in Lower Chester this morning when I glimpsed something odd out of the corner of my eye . Looking down, I beheld this bewildering loose sprig laying right in the middle of the trail. Quite real, and I can’t even begin to explain it. But at this moment, in the latter half of April, as winter is pumping yet another shell into the chamber, I offer it that it might elicit the same emotion it stirred in me: hope.



about 11 years ago

There are crocuses sprouting up in front of City Hall on the 1st Street side.  Have to say they wer e nice to see


about 11 years ago

How odd...my son found a branch exactly like that a few days ago sitting atop the snow drift in our yard (we live rural south shore, so no chance it's from the same plant)...anybody out there able to ID what this is? My son says he thinks both branches might be part of the same beanstalk to the cloudlands.

Dave P

about 11 years ago

To my eye, both the leaves and the hardy twig they were attached to looked an awful lot like a birch sprig, or perhaps some other woody shrub. Definitely not like something from a florist-type arrangement. Weird. And kinda awesome.


about 11 years ago

That looks like Japanese Knotweed.  It is very common around Duluth (and invasive I believe).


about 11 years ago

That is Salal Lemon leaf, it is common in floral arrangements

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