The State of Minnesota withdraws from mercury pollution project

An article in the Duluth News Tribune (read here) says the state of Minnesota is withdrawing from a research project regarding mercury pollution in the St. Louis River, even though much of the river’s fish are inedible to women and children, and despite the fact that 1 out of 10 North Shore infants have unsafe levels of mercury in their blood. The article states that sources of mercury in the environment are well known. They include power plants, taconite plants and sulfate pollution ( like the pollution from sulfide mining). Officials from the MPCA said the state first needs more research on how mercury behaves in nature, but later in the article the proposed study is said to have included new research on how mercury behaves in the environment. Huh? It seems this research would be especially timely due to proposed copper -sulfide mining in Northern Minnesota.



about 7 years ago

The pending Iron Range mining projects are precisely why the state of MN has pulled out of this study. It's not coincidence. There is a lot of money moving around these proposed mines; the state of MN has already indicted the permitting process is a done deal. Follow the dollar. Ten minutes of research and anyone will realize that the St Louis River basin will carry the brunt of the mine projects' run-off. Duh. 

I pine for the old days, when a newspaper reporter would have looked carefully into the state's allegations that the EPA's data model is flawed--the stated reason for their pull-out. 

As it is, MN state administration gatekeepers simply make a statement, and are not required to back it up with evidence. One press release and the discussion is over. 

Hope the Fond du Lac Tribe flexes its increasingly powerful muscle and makes this an issue for all of us.


about 7 years ago

2nd Janamidwife Adam. 

Danger Will Robinson, danger.


about 7 years ago

This Star Tribune article has more from an EPA official questioning the MPCA's rationale for dropping out of the study.


about 7 years ago

So I guess we can't blame this one on conservatives? The Democrats in control are just as greedy. They want to spend money. Mining brings big money for the state, and for campaigns. 

Can you say payola?

Mining is a mainstay of N. Minnesota. Doing it safely is key. This study could have helped just that. Funny how Mining Companies are so against it. They are thinking short term, when this is a long-term game.


about 7 years ago

Yes, because everything in the world is easily deconstructed into liberal vs. conservative. Everything is black and white.

about 7 years ago

Those are the only terms in which mr. Head can think. He's been brainwashed into thinking that there are only two sides...his, which is right, and everyone else, which is wrong.

Anytime there is even a hint of some sort of compromise, or a glimmer of an attempt at actually working for the mutual benefit of everyone, mr. Head finds it necessary to point out the failings of those who don't share his bogus ideology...

Mr head is the kid on the playground that didn't get picked to play kickball...and he's still pretty bent out of shape because of it.

I'd say he needs a hug.


about 7 years ago

Greed knows no party affiliation. It is an equal opportunity employer. 

Dig deeper. The Range legislators--all DFL--told the gov's office to pull back the dogs. They don't want information; they want mines/jobs/brick-and mortar-industry. Study results are the antithesis of their economic model. 

Science and evidence-based thinking are not going to be part of this decision...Our state government is in bed with the mines. Simple as that.


about 7 years ago

Meanwhile, studies are proving the link between taconite-mine exposure and mesothelioma:

The State withdrawal from the mercury study is shady and dirty all around. There is so much money at stake, so many political ramifications for both Democrats and Republicans, such deep pockets on the mining side... 

Money and threats are clearly at play here. As soon as I read the headline, I got an icky feeling about the whole thing.


about 7 years ago

Messenger: blamed

Allen Richardson

about 7 years ago

This story has more than nine comments worth of things to be angry at. Please step it up. Thank you.

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