Where in Duluth: Buzzfeed edition

I was reading through this list of things Minnesotans are [allegedly] too nice to brag about and I saw this picture, figured it was from Duluth, and it is.

From Buzzfeed, the ultimate warming house in Duluth, MN

Minnesotans do brag about all of this stuff all the time, but it’s fun to see it on Buzzfeed. Click the pic to see the entire post, several items have a Duluth connection.



about 9 years ago



about 9 years ago

Bayfront Festival Park


about 9 years ago

True.  I've never seen anyone brag about Bob Dylan being from here.


about 9 years ago

No, bundt cake is a real stretch. I think it spontaneously came to life every where at one time, especially Eastern Nebraska circa early 70s.

On the other hand:  hockey haircuts!!!  Growing up, we called them uncomplimentary variations on "mullet." Who knew they were, actually, so totally and insanely great!?!?!


about 9 years ago

The list is pretty good except for #4 totally not applying to northern MN:

"Everyone in MN knows that Duck Duck Gray Duck is a far superior game to Duck Duck Goose."


about 9 years ago

Wasn't the shopping center out in Morgan Park kinda' sorta' the first indoor mall, all be it on a smaller scale? It was later converted to an outdoor mall to make storage space if I'm not mistaken. I think I saw that on PPS.

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