Low – “Plastic Cup” and “Holy Ghost”

Soundcheck interview:



about 9 years ago

The Duluth, Minnesota-based trio Low's new album, "The Invisible Way," is a magnificent contribution to the group's slow and transfixing body of work. The spacious record, produced by Wilco's front man, Jeff Tweedy, in Chicago, highlights Low's long-standing embrace of sparseness over density and the yearning vocal harmonies of the bandleader and guitarist, Alan Sparhawk, and his drum-playing wife, Mimi. The songs feature more piano than usual and cover a wider lyrical terrain (the drug war, archeology), but at their core, as is the case with all the group's work, is a search for musical transcendence.
The New Yorker (March 25, 2013)


about 9 years ago

How can you transcend music while playing it at the same time?  I need to go bitch slap my life-sized inflatable music critic doll around the basement now.

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