New old Nordic ski trails at Spirit Mountain

Have you checked out the newly redone cross country ski trails at Spirit Mountain? Thanks to a lot of hard volunteer work, the trails have been redesigned and brought back to life.

Lots of details at my Best North Shore blog.



about 11 years ago

Thanks, Andrew, for helping to publicize the changes and improvements out at Spirit Nordic! DXC will be hosting an "Intro to XC Skiing" event there on Saturday, Feb. 9.


about 11 years ago

Skated those trails a few days ago and they were just great. 

So, is the city not grooming Magney anymore because the road to the trailhead is closed?

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

I think that might be the case with Magney-Snively, Bluenewt. I skied there on Tuesday and it was fun, but it hadn't been groomed.

Skyline has been blocked off just east of Stewart Creek since the Solstice Flood of 2012 blew out part of the road. You can park in front of the blocks and ski to the trail head on the snow-covered road, though.

The conditions at Magney-Snively are a little something like this:

I think I prefer non-groomed trials. I went to the well-manicured Piedmont trails a few days earlier and people were (rightfully) crowding in there like it might be the last day of skiing. At Magney-Snively I did not see a single person (or animal or bird for that matter, which was a little weird).

But the scenery was good.

It must have been while I was at Bardon's Peak that I decided to ski on St. Louis Bay the next day. I found myself looking back at the previous day's vantage point.


about 11 years ago

That's a wide stance Paul.

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