Exclusive Buyer’s Agent?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a buyer’s agent in Duluth who works exclusively with buyers (i.e. does not represent sellers)?



about 9 years ago

Frank Messina served as a buyer's agent for me during my relocation to Duluth in 2010. I'd highly recommend him! 218-728-4436


about 9 years ago

Neither Jeff nor Frank are exclusive buyer's agents.  I am a realtor in town and I do not know of any that are exclusively buyer's agents, at least on purpose.  If I hear of one I will post on here for you.


about 9 years ago

That's true. The realty community is pretty honest here. What you want to avoid is someone with a conflict of interest in a transaction -- and I don't think anyone would do that intentionally. I used Jeff as a buyer's agent and he was straight forward and affordable.


about 9 years ago

Lynn Beechler was our buyer's agent the first house we bought in Duluth back in '94, and Tiss Underdahl was our buyer's agent when we bought our second house here almost a year ago. She also sold our house for us. I really loved Tiss as our buyer's agent, I trust her completely, and she knows everybody, it seems, so whenever we needed something done -- like moving our piano -- she knew who to call. You definitely want someone you can trust to be looking out for your interests, not just for a big slice of the commission pie.

[email protected]

about 9 years ago

Though we didn't end up purchasing a house (for a variety of professional and personal reasons), Kate and I were happy with the personal care and attention we got from Kathleen Busche.


about 9 years ago

This is Kathleen Busche, licensed real estate broker. Duluth is a small market. Most of us work as buyer's brokers as well as seller's brokers, and do our best when working under what's called dual agency (where one company represents both buyer and seller), however, because of the inherent conflict of interest in dual agency, it can  be very challenging for the buyer or the seller to feel fully represented.  

During my 20 years in business there have been a few times a client has still felt uneasy so I have offered them the option of getting advice  or representation from someone out of office (I refer them to another agent I trust). This might be a good option for anyone with this concern.  However if that arrangement still feels uncomfortable, there actually is a buyer's broker in town who represents only buyers. Her name is Rita Hutchens and she is an excellent realtor. Good luck.

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