Lost: black cat

My cat went missing Aug. 11. I know it’s been a long time since he’s been home but after reading a few posts on this website, it seemed like it really helped get the word out. He was last seen near 13th Avenue East and Second Street near Walgreens. He’s an all black neutered male about 1 year old. He has all his claws and is very friendly. Please help me bring my best friend back home! If you have any information on him please call or text Ashley at 651-983-9828. For more information, I have put a Craigslist ad up under both “pets” and “lost and found” in the Duluth area.



about 9 years ago

I saw you posted on my thread about my lost cat.  This is what I did.  I put out flyers with her picture to every home within a mile of my place. I also put up fluorescent green poster on corners with her picture.  You would probably only need to put them out to a couple blocks around since your in town.  Cats are very territorial and he is probably very close. Someone may have taken him in so important that you get a flyer to every house.  Don't put your address on the flyers, just your phone number. If he was a complete indoor cat he may be hiding still in a neighbors shed or garage and only come out at night to find something to eat and drink. Go to every neighbor ans ask/plead to check everywhere in their yards.  Also, Google "lost cat behavior."  You will find a lot of info about how to bring your cat home.  Good luck and don't give up hope.


about 9 years ago

I tried to connect with Lou and got--that you should look for him at night...bring fried chicken -- and when you are at home, imagine a very bright light leading him back to you ==I know this sounds weird -- but...it's what I "got." I hope he comes home. Good luck.

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