Adding insult to injury.

Maybe you don’t live in Lakeside and missed this on Saturday.  Well:  there it is.



about 7 years ago

Sorry Big E, I must correct you - this is the Congdon neighborhood. 
Poor thing.


about 7 years ago

Why would a person do something like that, unless s/he is a twisted little #$%^.

Poor thing, indeed.

The Big E

about 7 years ago

For the record, I'm familiar with the concept of Congdon.  But people going to Lakeside (like me, and the various other people I know who commented on this) would arguably be more likely to have passed this.


about 7 years ago

Sweet!  As reported and discussed on this past Saturday's Danny on the Radio on KDAL!


about 7 years ago

You mean this is a trend???  Now I know why I am turning into such a misanthrope.  

Twisted little @#$#s.

Barrett Chase

about 7 years ago

I wouldn't say it's a trend. It's like the Lionel Richie poster. Somebody saw a photo on the internet and decided to imitate it.


about 7 years ago

I could understand the celebration if it were a skunk.


about 7 years ago

Maybe they marked it so no one would drive over it when they tried to park

Soren d'Hillside

about 7 years ago

l've been known to pull over, stop, and gently lift critters to the grass, while wishing I were a cleric and could quickly summon a funerary blessing of some sort. So I fake it. I seem to specialize in cats. I don't do squirrels (they flatten out soon enough) or skunks. The most recent recipient of my ministration: a beautiful fox on Park Point's Minnesota Avenue.


about 7 years ago

If you were a cleric, you could just cast resurrection.

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