Rocket, man.

So if anyone in the Chester Creek Cafe neighborhood finds a model rocket in their tree / backyard / roof, I know who it belongs to. Orange parachute, dark rocket with Ryan T written on it. Launched from the baseball fields, ended up somewhere S SW of there tonight. Thanks.



about 12 years ago

Sounds like you used a C-engine. "Rockets of doom" my boys would call them. Hours putting the rocket together, painting, imagining, and then in a second it was gone. Much fun. Spent a small fortune sending out those rockets of doom. Good luck.


about 12 years ago

If you don't mind, I'll piggy back on your post... If anyone has found a similar rocket (an Alpha III by the sound of it) above Grant Rec between Kenwood-13th St-Skyline, I'd love to find out. It was launched from Grant Rec in late June (25th?) and sailed past Kenwood towards 13th St with parachute deployed.

No writing and an especially foamy bit of glue attaching the rod guide to the rocket body.

We actually got 5 launches out of that one- a whole pack of A8-3s and two of some B engine. Lost it on the second launch of the day- great way to end a pre-schooler's birthday party. :)

Dave P

about 12 years ago

So where is the best/safest place to launch rockets around here? I usually go out to the athletic fields on Jean Duluth Road, but is there some other venue without a lot of pesky fences and trees (wide open countryside) that someone might recommend as a firing range for when the nieces and nephews are in town?

Dawn Marie

about 12 years ago

Awesome!  We launched rockets that we got to build, paint and name when I was in 6th grade.  The kid who sat behind me was always annoying me and my friends so I "offered" to help him fold his parachute.  Being the nice little girl I was, I folded it wrong on purpose so it would crash.


about 12 years ago

Would you westies (west of 19th e. that is) quit dropping scuds in our neighborhood! looks like you need one of these as a chase vehicle.



about 12 years ago

Oh Herzog...
I just have to worship you.

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