I can hear the grass growing …

My faithful electric lawn mower of 14 years has died and they don’t make a replacement battery anymore. I am seeking a push mower that will last at least a couple more years for $75 or under.  Does anyone have a mower to sell?



about 9 years ago

You could find a battery of the same voltage and swap the connectors. I used to run my old electric on industrial video camera batteries.


about 9 years ago

There's a guy on the hillside, First Avenue East & Fifth Street, who sells rebuilt mowers.  There are always a number of mowers for sale outside his apartment lined up on the street where he does the work. His set up is a little odd, working out of the living room of his apartment, but he always has a lot of product for sale. He did some maintenance work on mine and was easy to deal with.


about 9 years ago

If anyone could rig that jury, it'd be Tim. You could, of course, go green and get yerself a goat.

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