Where in Duluth to engagement-ring shop?

I’m new(er) to the area and beginning my search for an engagement ring.  Any suggestions for where to start in Duluth?  I can Google all of the jewelers in the area, but does anyone have a particularly good experience or an opinion on the best place to start?



about 6 years ago

Security Jewelers downtown.  Hands down, best place in town, local guys to boot.


about 6 years ago

ethompson beat me to it.  Security Jewelers is the best.


about 6 years ago

We bought ours at Electric Fetus. It's the thought that counts, not the price, right?


about 6 years ago

The Jeweler's Bench. They handled mine and are excellent. Also, the owners are good friends of mine and Owls Club members!


about 6 years ago

Second Jeweler's Bench.  The case isn't huge but Mark will make whatever you want.


about 6 years ago

I've heard good things about Security, but if you are looking for something one of a kind, I would highly recommend John Marxhausen.  All custom designs and he is great to work with.


about 6 years ago

I must be one of the few that had a bad experience at Security.  I shopped last fall. Out of the five or so stores we went to our worst experience was at Security. I think we were in a unique position since we went in to each store as if we had just started looking.  We had family diamonds we were reusing so it not only was about buying the rings but also assessing the rings we had and coming up with ideas for the diamonds we had.  Security didn't look to tell use what we had, they made us talk to multiple people which meant we had to start over a few times, they had things on their website that when we went to in to the store cost $800 more then the site ("ah, we have nothing to do with that sir," is the answer I got). 

We finally decided what we wanted to do, which the gentleman thought we could do and he would check with his guys to see if they could do it, and we never heard back from him. Maybe if you have a big money project they would be more helpful.

We finally bought from Garon Brothers because they had what we wanted. It was a mixed bag with them.  The gentleman behind the counter was awkward and sometimes rude, but the guy who we thought was the owner or manager who sits in the back was extremely nice and helpful. 

Even though we didn't buy from them in the end, we had a very good experience with Salmela Jewelers in Grand Rapids MN.  They were very knowledgeable, spent the most time with us, and was the most honest and informative out of all the places we went. They were extremely personable and friendly.


about 6 years ago

We never went to Jeweler's Bench, sounds like we missed out.


about 6 years ago

Plus one for John Marxhausen. In addition to making gorgeous jewelry, he makes a lot of contributions, both cash and in-kind to a lot of local charities and good causes. A great guy...


about 6 years ago

There is a box outside of Super One. It costs 50 cents, you dummies.


about 6 years ago

Conrad, you're not the only one (I didn't want to comment, lest people think that I just complain about local businesses). I went there for my wedding rings and was not at all pleased with the experience. If you go there and get treated well, good for you, but if not, there are plenty of other jewelers in town.


about 6 years ago

I would like to have a jewel reset. Is it expensive? Who do y'all recommend for that? Same folks, or is there someone who specializes in resetting old stones?


about 6 years ago

Jeweler's Bench, Jeweler's Bench, Jeweler's Bench.....

Sun Dog

about 6 years ago

I just met someone who is a jeweler. His name is Orlando Gomez and the person who introduced us said he is very good. He does repair and resetting work and is unique. He owns a business name Eslabon Jewelers in the Skywalk.


about 6 years ago

If you want a unique or even custom designed ring, I would look at some local artists.  You could probably get something cool made with local stone from Grace Hogan. Donalee Designs also has some nice options. Check out their work at Waters of Superior in Canal Park.  You might also check out Monica Hansmeyer's work (Seven Sister's Jewelry) at Sivertson's also in Canal Park. Good luck!

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