8-Bit Duluth

Can anyone give me a walkthrough of the dungeon underneath the Seaway Hotel?

Google Maps | April Fools Joke



about 12 years ago

Looks like street view is in 8-bit as well


about 12 years ago

I sure can.  You must first visit the Cavern of Curly's, find the magic pixie dust and Strong potion, then set  the strong potion outside the dungeon.  Sneak in while the guards are busy, to give the pixie dust to the dungeon boss and that should be it.  

I am stuck on the Family Sauna puzzle.

Barrett Chase

about 12 years ago

Similarly, Flickr will display photos in black and white Atkinson Dither on April 1. Question: Is it an April Fool's joke if you announce what you will be doing beforehand, and that it will be for April Fool's Day?


about 12 years ago

Just remember: there are no first level monsters, only first level player characters.


about 12 years ago

I think that the dungeon tunnels lead you over to the Kozy if you follow them correctly...


about 12 years ago

That's awesome! Can anyone say Legends of Zelda?! I think I'll go hook up the old NES and go pass a few castles!

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