Duluth Described in Themes

The Editing 2 class at UMD is currently working on its biannual production of LakeVoice. We are thinking this year of creating a theme for each of our weekly publications and are looking for some of your input and help brainstorming potential ideas. Our stories produced each week will be based on all of these themes.

Some themes we have thought of so far are:
– Ice
– Lake Superior
– Race equality
– Food
– Living on a hill
– Economics
– Clean air

How would you define Duluth in a theme?



about 10 years ago

Passion for the outdoors (taking advantage of the weather regardless of the temp... etc.), Environmentally aware/proactive, importance of all things "local."
Hope this helps, and give me that book!


about 10 years ago

..and dont forget liberal whackjobs!


about 10 years ago

A common theme is "The Northland," you might try expounding on that angle.


about 10 years ago

I second the vote for "passion for the outdoors"...and I am a liberal whackjob.

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