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Where do people go for fun or to hang out on a regular basis? I am trying to find a fun place to hang out other than on Friday or Saturday. I am 28 and don’t like to sit at home all the time.



about 9 years ago

I really enjoy going to Pub Trivia at Carmody on Sunday nights at 9.  It's a lot of fun, and Devin does a great job of moderating it.


about 9 years ago

Pool, dart, bowling and other leagues are a good start. But the area does not have a heck of a lot of places to "hang out" as it were.

What this town needs is a Lounge that is not so pretentious they won't let you wear a hat. A place where the focus is not on drinking, but it is available to you if you want.

A place where they have a dedicated smoking area  that is not a tent with a heater.

A place where you can rent couch-tv setups for movies, games etc and have servers wait on you.

A place that we simply do not have.


about 9 years ago

The old Lakeview coffeehouse at Fitgers was a great place to hang out.  Comfy sofas, good music, inexpensive and tasty coffee, wonderful staff that got to know the regulars, and the wonderful view of the lake.  I met some great people there.  I wonder if any coffeehouses now have a setup such that you really can get to know the people hanging out with you.


about 9 years ago

It totally depends on what type of activities you enjoy. but here are some suggestions; (correct me if I am wrong on dates / times here folks)

Pub Quiz @Carmody on Sunday evening

Improvisational comedy at Renegade Fri and Sat nights

Live music at various bars/ clubs on various nights of the week (see PDD calendar)

Join the Owls club

Beaners, Amazing Grace and Jitters are three good coffee shops that encourage hanging out

add many local business to your Facebook feed many are great at promoting events

as far as hanging out I think Dorkus is correct there are no good "hang out" places that are not alcohol specific.

The PDD calendar is a great place to start planning events for your week.

Good Luck

The Big E

about 9 years ago

I was a fan of the Lakeview Coffee House too, and especially their couch.  I was sad when they closed, but it made it even worse that when the couch appeared on Craigslist I couldn't scrape together the money to meet what was really a fabulous bargain price.


about 9 years ago

Carmody's is a fun and friendly place. I also like the bar at Zeitgeist, I always run into interesting people in that building.


about 9 years ago

Lake Avenue Cafe or Amazing Grace has great people watching, menus to please the harshest pallete, and some excellent wines, teas, coffees.  Oh, did I mention the people watching? Hipsters, tourists and locals, oh my!

I had my most perfect Duluth day three years ago in March when I slipped into Amazing Grace on a foggy Sunday night - serenaded by the foghorns and acoustic duo on stage with a cup of dark coffee.

Barrett Chase

about 9 years ago

I second Lake Avenue Cafe, Amazing Grace, and Zeitgeist (the lobby at Zeitgeist is a good place to sit if you want to linger longer without hogging up bar or table space in the restaurant -- take your drink, coffee, or dessert out there with you once you've paid for it and sit on a sofa). Lake Ave is now open until 11 or 12 with great appetizers and laid-back live music. It's nice to see some options opening up in this direction and I for one would like to see more of it.


about 9 years ago

I love the Zeitgeist Atrium. I treat it like a human aquarium with access to drinks and no $15 admittance fee like certain other aquariums in Duluth.


about 9 years ago

Probably, they go to the house of friends whom you do not know.

Duluthians don't have very many public gathering spaces. If they do, they won't talk to you anyway, except if they're really drunk.

I love the aforementioned places though, esp. Amazing Grace.  However it's not a great place to mill about and meet people. Lake Avenue is an odd suggestion to me, to. It doesn't strike me as very social.

Luce is cool but it's so damned loud in there when shows are going on that it's not really possible to socialize, except by yelling at the top of your lungs.


about 9 years ago

I think Consuelo only talks to Georgia Duluthians. One person's social hang-out is another person's "stay away from me" zone. I'm kind of tired of the "Duluthians are drunks" whining. I don't drink at all and I have no problem socializing in public with my fellow Duluthians- whether I know them or not.

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