Lost Cat in Lower Chester – Please Help!

Please help us find Marty! He went missing sometime overnight. He is not an outdoor cat and must have slipped out the door somehow. He has no collar on and answers to Martin or Marty. He is light orange colored with medium/long hair and a slightly flatish nose. We live across the street from the Lower Chester hockey rink. If you have seen him, please let me know! Thank you! 303-829-9892


Bad Cat!

about 10 years ago

Thankfully it's not too cold out! I hope he returns home with nothing more than a good story about his time away.
My cat snuck out of the house before xmas many years ago (weather was about -20). I put up signs in my neighborhood and eventually someone did call saying they had my cat, but they were just leaving for their family xmas, and I wasn't anywhere near Duluth to pick her up! Thankfuly the caller was willing to hang around for Duluth police to pick her up and place her in the pound on Christmas day to be retrieved when I got back.


about 10 years ago

I'll keep my eyes open. Hope Marty comes home or is found soon.


about 10 years ago

Cats generally don't wander off, but rather hunker down nearby.  You might want to check under porches, etc.  

I'll also keep my eyes peeled when in the area.


about 10 years ago

Marty is home, safe and sound! Thank you all for your kind words and willingness to help. Bret, you are right - we found Marty two doors down in an enclosed space beneath a deck. He had clearly hunkered down. He was a stray as a kitten so I think he was pretty scared. It looked like he had gone into survival mode. We are so happy and relieved to have him back!


about 10 years ago

Good news! or is it mews?

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