Bonus trails?

I was just trying to figure out trail mileage in Hartley on the internets. I found a good enough map on the Hartley Nature Center website, but while poking around I also saw on aerial maps that there is a lot of contiguous greenspace across Howard Gnesen Road to the west. Anyone know what is over there? Is it private or public, and are there trails? Not that there aren’t enough trails in Hartley to get good and lost without heading out of the park boundaries.



about 12 years ago

My dad lives on the road north and west of the golf course (top of the map).  A lot of the land is private.  It is also lowland swamp and not good mountain biking.  The light green double line between roads in the left lower quadrant are power lines.  Very hilly but probably rideable.  If you get lost or break down in Hartley and walk out to the west you end up on Howard Gnesen.  Much shorter than walking back to the nature center.  Mostly downhill back to UMD.  You can also drop into trails from there to Hartley park with a short hike from the road if you are coming up from west Kenwood.


about 12 years ago

Shane, I assume you put that link on here so we can peruse the tax-forfeited lands we can wander upon. Once you get to the site there are lots of options to pick from. Which one did you select?  I love to wander the woods in the winter time, so finding something that can outline public from private land would be wonderful.


about 12 years ago

I selected the map for area 10. SLC-Parcels-10.kmz. It seems to show every parcel of land, and who is the registered taxpayer on the parcel, in St. Louis County.

Much of the area in question is tax-forfeited land. You do have to have the Google Earth software on your computer for it to work.


about 12 years ago

Area in question, is refering to the land that OPs post is about.

The Big E

about 12 years ago

My first reaction to that revelation is that it's attractive to think about the prospect of expanding the parks.  My second thought was to recall that I'd heard that substantial portions of some of the existing parks are tax-forfeited county land, rather than city-owned.  I wonder if the new parks fund will ever have sufficient money to pry some of that away from the county.


about 12 years ago

I'll just put this here: my dog hateshateshates going on those back trails in Hartley, because it's like they were cut by someone wandering through the woods on acid. It makes him very skeptical of my directional competence.


about 12 years ago

They could have been cut by local gatherers hunting for Sorels and other such fungi.

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