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Hello fellow Duluthians. I would like to take a moment to ask for your assistance on a class project we are doing for a Market Research course at UMD. I’m placing this post under the “Help Wanted” category, because that’s exactly what we want: help! (This is not a job posting, sorry for the confusion.) This favor will be reciprocated with good karma!

If any of you would be able to take five minutes out of your busy crazy lives to help out four fun-loving students it would be greatly appreciated! Here is the link to the survey.

If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please feel free to e-mail me: bomga002 @

Thank you all very much! Enjoy this beautiful, sunny, Duluth winter day!

Kelsey Bomgaars
Student of Marketing
University of Minnesota Duluth



about 10 years ago

I filled out your survey, but feel like there were some rather confusing parts to what you ask for. Especially confusing was the last part which asks "How accurate were mt answers." What on earth does that mean in this context? Would also be nice to know what you plan to do with your findings.


about 10 years ago

We are writing a Market Research paper for a class and chose a topic specifically dealing with a local Italian restaurant vs. a corporate chain restaurant. We are merely examining the differences between the two choices, and looking at what motivates people to choose one or the other. The survey is not by any means professional, and to answer your question about "How accurate were my answers" - we decided to add that in there just to see what sort of error we might be potentially dealing with. It is also interesting to see the honesty some people have especially if they didn't like the survey. Thank you for taking our survey! It is greatly appreciated!


about 10 years ago

I took it to mean that there might be some pretty ambiguous answers to questions that are static, so not every respondent will be able to answer every question with a complete degree of accuracy ... tossing a handicap in like that kinda levels the field of answers.


about 10 years ago

Done.  I don't eat at Italian joints because they are full of gluten, but will almost always pick a local place over a chain.  Gave myself 9/10 for accuracy due to question vagueness.


about 10 years ago

Done.  FYI, I thought the question "how much do you spend on yourself for a meal" was somewhat confusing.  I took it to mean just me, as opposed to total bill for my family.


about 10 years ago

Lojasmo- That's a great point we didn't take in to consideration. Thank you for taking the survey and sharing your input!

emmadogs- Thank you for your input. You answered the question correctly and I can see how that one would be confusing. We will consider that when analyzing the results. Thank you for taking our survey!

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