Excuse Me, Princess releasing an album

Excuse Me, Princess is releasing a record on Minneapolis label So-TM, and now the whole thing is streaming on Bandcamp with two free songs.

There’s a release show at Beaner’s on Nov. 26 (more info here.)



about 11 years ago

Sounds great, congrats!


about 11 years ago

"Totoro" got turned into "I Write Songs about Girls and Cartoons."

Womp. Womp.


about 11 years ago

Our label said that Disney would sue us, so they said we had to take it off the record and I was like NO WAY MAN WE'LL JUST CHANGE THE WORDS haha


about 11 years ago

I like it! Nice glissando on the violin. You guys are doing what most "younglings" only dream of.

greg cougar conley

about 11 years ago

I saw you guys at the Rex a while back and really enjoyed you! Congratulations on your success!

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