NASA Time Lapse

Seeing what makes the northern lights happen from space is pretty amazing. Time lapse photos shot from about 350 km above earth.

1. Aurora Borealis Pass over the United States at Night
2. Aurora Borealis and eastern United States at Night
3. Aurora Australis from Madagascar to southwest of Australia
4. Aurora Australis south of Australia
5. Northwest coast of United States to Central South America at Night
6. Aurora Australis from the Southern to the Northern Pacific Ocean
7. Halfway around the World
8. Night Pass over Central Africa and the Middle East
9. Evening Pass over the Sahara Desert and the Middle East
10. Pass over Canada and Central United States at Night
11. Pass over Southern California to Hudson Bay
12. Islands in the Philippine Sea at Night
13. Pass over Eastern Asia to Philippine Sea and Guam
14. Views of the Mideast at Night
15. Night Pass over Mediterranean Sea
16. Aurora Borealis and the United States at Night
17. Aurora Australis over Indian Ocean
18. Eastern Europe to Southeastern Asia at Night



about 11 years ago

That was the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing. I actually liked the lightning storms as much as the northern lights.


about 11 years ago

That was fascinating, beautiful and a little frightening. 

Sure we've seen satellite stills of the extent of artificial light around the globe, but to see it in accelerated time sequence really underscores how humans have remade nighttime.

I recognized the Middle East (the long brightly lit gash of the Nile and the distinctive shape of the Sinai Peninsula), and the Central US with dark Lake Michigan punctuated by Chicago and the conurbation around it. The lightning storms were awesome, and the aurora. The smallness of the atmosphere really stands out -- such a thin layer of near nothingness between us and the coldness of space.

In other words, thanks for sharing!


about 11 years ago

So cool! Thanks for sharing!


about 11 years ago

Yes, fascinating. On a recent flight from Ohio I sat next to an astronaut who was on Gemini 2 and 10 and an Apollo Mission. Tom Stafford was first to circumnavigate the moon. In the course of our conversation I asked him what thoughts went through his head as he looked at the earth from the moon. He smiled, looked at me, spread his thumb and forefinger about two inches and said, "I saw that all the problems in the world could fit between my two fingers."  

It's an amazing universe, and being out there gives some perspective to what we see from down here.

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