Occupy Duluth Rally Video


Occupy Duluth with SkatRadioh and Sharla Gardner

This was video I shot on Saturday while covering the Occupy Duluth rally for my Reader story featuring local concert poster artist SkatRadioh. I originally went to get a T-shirt made with the design he came up with the night before. I was impressed with the speakers and City Council President Sharla Gardner’s speech.

I stole the music in the opening from the RNC 2008 convention protests in the cities.



about 8 years ago

Too bad you didn't include the entire speech Sharla gave that afternoon, there were some *amazing* moments when she really burned down the barn.

Andrew Olson

about 8 years ago

I should have, but I was low on memory. For the rest of the speech she read from an article and it was interesting to hear her viewpoint. I was there originally covering SkatRadioh and was just taping him for my article for quotes. I happened to record some of the speeches in case I needed them, but I wish I had more memory and better video editing skills to include more.  Someone else taped the whole thing and could probably put something up.

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