Occupy Duluth Rally Video

Occupy Duluth with SkatRadioh and Sharla Gardner

This was video I shot on Saturday while covering the Occupy Duluth rally for my Reader story featuring local concert poster artist SkatRadioh. I originally went to get a T-shirt made with the design he came up with the night before. I was impressed with the speakers and City Council President Sharla Gardner’s speech.

I stole the music in the opening from the RNC 2008 convention protests in the cities.



about 13 years ago

Too bad you didn't include the entire speech Sharla gave that afternoon, there were some *amazing* moments when she really burned down the barn.

Andrew Olson

about 13 years ago

I should have, but I was low on memory. For the rest of the speech she read from an article and it was interesting to hear her viewpoint. I was there originally covering SkatRadioh and was just taping him for my article for quotes. I happened to record some of the speeches in case I needed them, but I wish I had more memory and better video editing skills to include more.  Someone else taped the whole thing and could probably put something up.

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