Looking for a French teacher in Duluth

I’m looking for a French teacher for two kids, ages 8 and 5. They speak conversational French now from some time they spent going to school in France, but I can tell they are losing it by the day. I’m looking for someone who would ideally come over to our house once or twice a week after school. I was thinking $15-30/hour, depending on experience.

Does anyone have other ideas about keeping up the kids’ French ability?



about 11 years ago

I might be able to help you. I know a French woman who was just laid off from a job and may want some work. I will send her an email and let you know.

tamara d

about 11 years ago

Thanks for the help, Claire!


about 11 years ago

I just emailed her will let you know...


about 11 years ago

Most movies have the option for sound in French these days. Couldn't hurt to play their favorites with the French language option going. 
You can also get French radio on the internet. There are also awesome French videos on YouTube.

sara curwin

about 11 years ago

My daughter is taking in French lessons from a great  teacher ... Jean baptiste Quillen. I received his name from UMD. He is at jbquillien @ gmail.com I highly recommend him. Email me with any questions. Gracepressdesign @ gmail.com


about 11 years ago

It looks like you have plenty of options - but I am available to teach your children as well. I have a degree from UMN in French and spent a year in Central France teaching English to children ages 5-13.

Contact me: genevieve.lueck @ gmail.com



about 11 years ago

Hello Tamara, you may be interested in bringing your kids this Wed (Nov. 2) to Bixby's café at 6pm. It's the start-up of a French reading group for adults, but there will also be a children's table with a French "animatrice" doing games, reading or whatnot. A lot of French speaking families (including mine) are looking to start a kids' play group. Let me know if you'd like more information.

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