Al Sparhawk and Mary Bue at Lake Ave this Friday Sept 2nd

Al Sparhawk and Mary Bue will both be playing at Lake Ave Cafe this Friday Sept. 2nd @ 10pm $5.  Mary will open around 10 or 10:30 and Al playing around 11:30 come on down for great drinks and food being served late…deck will be open weather permitting!  Come on down and make this a perfect Duluth night (last chance for summer romance).


double barrell darrell

about 9 years ago

My apologies for harshness on a Sunday, but I can't let this pass without comment. There were some sublime moments during Friday night's gig when Alan and his guitar were conjuring swells of sound straight out of Lake Superior. He is one of most unique voices and players of our time. 

Unfortunately, those moments were marred by latecomers standing six feet away with their backs to the stage, yacking at top volume. I get it, you're  "over it" regarding the Low thing and just came out cause you knew other locals would be home for the holiday. But would it kill you to take your conversation to the back of the room or out to the patio so that those us still interested in seeing a major artist in an intimate setting could enjoy the performance?

We were one of the many who gave up halfway through after Alan got tired of fighting the chatter and gave in to the banter. Ultimately it forced one of the great guitarist to stop playing guitar start jabbering too.

Again, sorry for the downer but I felt it had to be said.


about 9 years ago

Those lummoxes were bros on a bro tour. They herded in for one drink then left for the next (Grandma's) stop.

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