The Strib’s latest take on Duluth

This might be old news, but did anyone see this lovely article in the Star Tribune (Newspaper of the Twin Cities) about Duluth by Curt Brown? He’s going for Duluth beyond the lakefront, and ends up at a Burrito Union cribbage tournament.

What do you think? Did he unearth the “real Duluth”? Or just pack down further the existing path off the beaten Lakewalk path?



about 11 years ago

I read that article when it first came out (I didn't know it was in other newspapers around the country though).  It seems like every couple months the Strib is running a travel article about Duluth ... which I suppose is a good thing and doesn't hurt tourism for the area.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like they write these articles like Duluth is in a whole other world ... not 150 miles from the Twin Cities.  Like Duluth is some far away, mystical place unlike anything you've ever seen before.


about 11 years ago

Well, compared to crowded, traffic jammed, and over built suburbia, Duluth is a mystical place, which must seem far away when they're in the middle of their 3 hours daily commute to work and back. And, let's face it; if someone hasn't spend much time outside the Midwest, when they drive over Thompson Hill for the first time, Duluth is something they've never seen before!  I think it's great that we get such good coverage in other areas.  Most people don't know what a great place this is; to live in or to visit!


about 11 years ago

How about "the urban neglect and depressed sprawl of West Duluth" -- awesome!


about 11 years ago

Well, that's true Patty.  I enjoy taking trips down to the cities several times a year, but after a few days of putting up with traffic and crowds of people I begin to miss the convenience we have in Duluth.  One of the things I love most about Duluth (other than the obvious things like the beautiful sights) is the fact that we've got elements of both a big city and a small town.

Wes Scott

about 11 years ago

I'll take it all, rough parts and lakeshore. It has character you don't find in other cities. While I don't live in Duluth I'm there a great deal. I enjoy all neighborhoods some surprising in just how interesting they can be. I know of few other cities of the same size that have the character Duluth has. I've been visiting for 30 years and the changes are quite good.


about 11 years ago

Bob Dylan's parents' house is at "513 N. 3rd St."?



about 11 years ago

Hbh1, you dispute the claim? I've never heard it either ...


about 11 years ago

It was picked up by the wires and went all over even USA Today

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

What Heidi is disputing is the address. The article has it wrong. The actual address of Bob Dylan's boyhood home in Duluth is 519 N. Third Ave. E. -- so not only is there a mix up with avenue vs. street in the article, the house number is wrong.

I'll have to go check into what's at the wrong address. Surely there will be at least one tourist posing for a photo there.

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