17 pretty great local songs – only $5

So yeah, you can find it at the Electric Fetus.  If you’re like me and you think it’s pretty neat that our little city produces so much incredible talent, maybe you should buy this cd.  It has a low-key vibe to it, good for your family BBQ this summer…

I self-financed the production, if I can cover my costs on this one, I have another one in mind, more of a rock mix.  What are you’re favorites here?  What would you like to see on the next one?

Here’s the cover – Chris Monroe art, Rich Narum photo, Martin Sawinski design.




about 9 years ago

The track from Accidental Porn is sweet.  Do they play gigs anymore?

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

Accidental Porn broke up about 10 years ago. So it must be time for a reunion show.

Band members: 

Bryan "Lefty" Johnson (percussionist -- these days plays with Two Many Banjos and Coyote)

Nate Mattson (guitarist -- these days plays with James & Younger)

Bill Meier (guitarist -- these days travels to Vietnam and cuts his hair funny; also known for his penis)

Luke Perry (drummer -- these days plays with the What Four)

Ethan Thompson (bassist -- these days plays with Dan Anderson and His Silk Sheiks, the Little Black Books and Fred Tyson.

They used to play every Tuesday night at the Brewhouse -- and they recorded an album live at the Brewhouse.

Ethan Quirt

about 9 years ago

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.  This is cool.


about 9 years ago

The People Say Fox!


about 9 years ago

I haven't picked one of these up yet, I guess it's time.  I didn't know what it was all about when I saw it down at the Fetus a few times.  It's great to have an real mayor and not just a face.  

Been looking for some new Duluth music anyway!

mr woderful

about 9 years ago

Puddle Wonderful had a great song with a chorus that went, "It's okay to be gay." Great band. Great song with a solid message. I'd love to hear that one again.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

That Puddle Wonderful song is called "Ass Pirate." It was on an unreleased 4-track demo called Das Boots (spring 1996) and also on the band's unreleased final album, Barely Legal (1998).


about 9 years ago

Bought this after work, just listened to some of it, and it's great.  Thanks, Mayor Ness!


about 9 years ago

Is the Super D & the DC the double chucks by chance?  Are they back together, where can I see them?  I have one ancient CD of theirs and would love more

mr wonderful

about 9 years ago

Well Paul, I doubt a song called 'Ass Pirate' will make it on the mayor's next album. However, if that song mysteriously appeared on YouTube someday, well, that would be sweet. Just sayin.

maxxx huver

about 9 years ago

Is there an online ordering way to get one of these?  I used to live in Duluth but I'm very far away now.

Don Ness

about 9 years ago

Yes, DC stands for "Double Chucks".  According to Barry (Chuck #2), they have been playing together again.  I have no details, but yeah, it would be great to see them again - they put on a great live show.

There isn't an online buy option right now... you could send me an address off-line and I can mail you a copy.

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