Go Anchor Bar!

Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite Midwestern Hamburgers

#8 – Anchor Bar, Superior, Wisconsin
A superb bar burger, ground fresh from Angus chuck, and it’s the only place I have ever seen a full griddle of burgers manned at the lunch rush by a cook with a full cigarette of ash hanging out of his mouth and he never missed a beat. The clientele could care less as long as the burgers stay this good and the beer is cold.
413 Tower Ave, Superior, WI 54880-1048. (715) 394-9747


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Although this article is new, Mr. Zimmern's experience at the Anchor must have been prior to July 5, 2010, when bars and restaurants in Wisconsin went smoke free.


about 11 years ago

We were just there this weekend, splitting a plate of fries and drinking some great beer (Anchor Steam for me, New Glarus for Mr. Claire). They're building a deck outside, next to the building. That'll be pleasant in summer months.


about 11 years ago

I was at the Anchor a few weeks ago with a couple buddies and we watched the gal in the kitchen literally fill the grill with burgers.  She had at least 30 if not 35 going at one time and of course had to prep all the random things that go on those burgers as well.  She was not even remotely fazed by her duties.  And when she was done, she filled it again.  I worked in restaurants for years and saw grown men throw tantrums when trying to do half as much food at one time.  It was impressive even if it was commonplace for that joint.  I also have little doubt that she would have been smoking if it were legal.  The Anchor still rocks after all these years . . too bad that pool table was rendered nearly useless with the additional seating in the back.


about 11 years ago

Spent a few fond summers back in the late 90's playing on the Anchor Bar volleyball team. Needless to say, we always left tired, drunk, smoky, and not a bit hungry. I've always had a barcrush on the Anchor.


about 11 years ago

Ish. Bring on the trots.


about 11 years ago

As I recall it was a great place to go if one was constipated.


about 11 years ago

The Anchor is exactly how food like that is supposed to be.  Best fries around, too. 

Five Guys makes excellent fries in the same style (meaning: cut from a potato instead of synthesized) and I'm surprised to hear people complain about them now and then. Anybody who complains about Anchor fries deserves to be sneered at by that one bartender girl...


about 11 years ago

September 1991 - I received my worst case of food poisoning from one of their hamburgers. Was projectile vomiting for 36 miserable hours.

1992-93 - remarkable run of meeting new friends with benefits. Thanks, Anchor Bar. People really win!


about 11 years ago

Ate there once, worst fries ever, a soggy, foul looking mass that stuck together,and tasted even worse than they looked.


about 10 years ago

Although I do like the food at the Anchor as well as the atmosphere, I will never return there after my experience the last time I was there. 
A friend and I went in and sat at the bar to order a beer and burger. Yes, they were busy, but after about 25 minutes of being completely ignored by two waitresses/bartenders as they continually passed by without even acknowledging us I asked politely for service and was treated in the most rude manner I have ever experienced.


about 10 years ago

Maybe you should have spoken up a little sooner.  I've never sat down in a seat-yourself restaurant and watched the help walk by for more than 5 minutes.  Passive-aggressiveness will get you no where.

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