Danecdote @ Chester Creek Cafe

Come check out the set! Unfortunately it will be my last one for some time, as I am finishing up work on the new EP and full length releases. There will be various free CDs for people to take with them (as well as 3 other side project releases). Show starts @ 9PM on Tuesday. See ya there!



about 9 years ago

Danecdote, I am sorry I could not enjoy your music during Homegrown. I went to Chester Creek Cafe, and some big lug in his mid-30s was sitting there during your set, nursing a Blue Moon, smirking, and giving everyone else the evil eye. He looked like a slob, too,and smelled bad. So I had to leave early. You have some interesting fans.

Danny G

about 9 years ago

Funny.  Creepy, but funny.


about 9 years ago

Except that big lug showed up early, was willing to switch set times with Danecdote (for whatever reason) when the middle act canceled, and re-setup after Danecdote's short set, and rawked the house until close. Featuring such hits as the Mos Eisley cantina song and B-sides off of Bo Hansen's Attic Thoughts.

Well played, Path Annu. Well played.


about 9 years ago

Let the record state that I wasn't pleased with the decision to switch times. Considering how tight everyone's Homegrown itinerary usually is. But it was fun either way. Sorry you had missed it.

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