Danecdote @ Chester Creek Cafe

Come check out the set! Unfortunately it will be my last one for some time, as I am finishing up work on the new EP and full length releases. There will be various free CDs for people to take with them (as well as 3 other side project releases). Show starts @ 9PM on Tuesday. See ya there!



about 12 years ago

Danecdote, I am sorry I could not enjoy your music during Homegrown. I went to Chester Creek Cafe, and some big lug in his mid-30s was sitting there during your set, nursing a Blue Moon, smirking, and giving everyone else the evil eye. He looked like a slob, too,and smelled bad. So I had to leave early. You have some interesting fans.

Danny G

about 12 years ago

Funny.  Creepy, but funny.


about 12 years ago

Except that big lug showed up early, was willing to switch set times with Danecdote (for whatever reason) when the middle act canceled, and re-setup after Danecdote's short set, and rawked the house until close. Featuring such hits as the Mos Eisley cantina song and B-sides off of Bo Hansen's Attic Thoughts.

Well played, Path Annu. Well played.


about 12 years ago

Let the record state that I wasn't pleased with the decision to switch times. Considering how tight everyone's Homegrown itinerary usually is. But it was fun either way. Sorry you had missed it.

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