Low – “Try to Sleep” featuring John Stamos

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about 8 years ago

This song is available for free on Amazon.com.  Go to the MP3 page and click on free songs- there's a free song every day.  Fabulous opportunity to build your music library.  So long itunes--


about 8 years ago

Sorry- scrolled down further and realized you posted this info yesterday--


about 8 years ago

I think the question here is:

Is having John Stamos in their video considered a step forward or a step backward?


about 8 years ago

I like. Great album. Uncle Jesse, you did the right  thing. Low, you told them what.

Bad Cat!

about 8 years ago

Did anyone else find it kinda creepy to have John Stamos lip-syncing to Low in Low video?
I kept expecting some big reveal like Blues Travelers' Run Around.

Miles A. Broad

about 8 years ago

I thought it was weird, like the car was high or something, but the lady made me randy, and think dirty thoughts as she whispered sweet nothings in my ear.  Do you suppose she's from Kansas? Guess I'm a sucker for long dark beauty marks. Speaking of music that isn't to sleep by, does anyone know what compelled KUMD to play CCR's deep classic 'Keep on Chooglin' last night? I almost fell out of my car and rolled down highway 61 from the shock.


about 8 years ago

The video is available on theduluthscene.org/low


about 8 years ago

Must of been dj lazer

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