Old Timey Portrait Jamboree at the DPI

On Tuesday, April 12, at the Duluth Photography Institute (halfway between the Brewhouse and Carmody) I’ll be setting up to do a free portrait for anyone* who shows up between 5pm and 7pm.

The awesome point of interest is that I’ll be using a giant wooden camera manufactured about twenty years before the Hindenburg popped. It is guaranteed to be the most authentic modern vintage photo experience you’ll be able to find.

*Disclaimer: Please don’t bring five children and expect a whole set of family portraits. Everyone who you bring that you’d like a photo of gets stuffed into a single frame. If you do bring kids and have been feeding them sugar all day, expect blurry results. This is by no means an instant process.



about 13 years ago

The results are quite convincing... and super cool too...

The resulting image (www.flickr.com/duluthiscool) was taken during a recent photo shoot with Kip...


Actually... the kids are holding the final results... cool.

Camila Ramos

about 13 years ago

AHA! So that's why everyone in those old timey photos always had that same bored ridiculous look on their face! Like these poor children, they were a lively bunch who didn't like sitting still at all.


about 13 years ago

Yeah, in the real olden times (Late 19th century) a portrait exposure would typically take 5-7 minutes. Try holding a smile that long without moving much. Not easy. This is also why if you ever find a non-blurry portrait from that era of a resting baby....well...he didn't make it.

My process is much faster though. Need to hold still no longer than a second. While you wouldn't think it, it can feel surprisingly long.


about 13 years ago

Ah dang it, my wife has class at 5! I might come down though.


about 13 years ago

This is a glorious undertaking!  I will purchase an airline ticket ASAP.

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