Help out an aspiring Duluth runner

Hello Duluthians.  I am trying to do more running as the season warms up … although at this point what I actually do is closer to “lumber” or “amble quickly.”  Anyway, running on the Duluth Lakewalk is fine, but I would like to focus on a closed 1/4 mile track.  Does anyone know of a track (or similar item) that is open to the public?



about 10 years ago

Superior Mall. No one goes there.

Matt Jennissen

about 10 years ago

I don't think anyone will stop you if you're running at the UMD track.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

The Mariner Mall is more of an unofficial indoor walking track for the elderly.

The running tracks that are open for anyone to use tend to be old ones at schools. Morgan Park Middle School has one you could access any time that is seldom used.

As Matt suggested, UMD is also a good bet, but it gets more usage. 

Public Schools Stadium is generally locked.


about 10 years ago

There's a track at the Y.


about 10 years ago

Proximity and general openness takes me to the UMD track. I've never run into having to abandon plans because of track teams using it, but I usually run before 6am, so your mileage may vary. (Rimshot!)


about 10 years ago

Track at the Y is hard tile and has pretty angled turns.  Public school stadium (denfeld) is locked, but not that well, never been hassles for sneaking under the fence and putting some laps on.


about 10 years ago

I've run on the east high school track. I had to climb over the fence though. 

UMD is probably the best. And when your mind starts going to mush from running on the track, you can cross the road to the plush trails at Bagley nature area. (Which link via SHT to Hartley and the world.)


about 10 years ago

The track at the Proctor High School is accessible.  I live within a few blocks and recently asked an acquaintance (and connected to the school) what would happen if "I jumped the fence and ran on the track?"  His comment was simple, "Go for it, no one cares." My take is that if it is PSS, Proctor, UMD ... who would care?  Runners are (typically) respectful and just trying to log the miles and stay healthy.  Good luck!!!


about 10 years ago

UWS in Superior and Hermantown HS also have tracks. 
Duluth East no longer has a track, it was removed as part of the remodeling project to improve the soccer field.


about 10 years ago

Morgan Park Middle School track is always open and the surface is 8 lanes of comfortable ground rubber.


about 10 years ago

Not to change the subject too much... but have you tried trail running? Duluth has some of the finest trails in the Midwest. Hartley, Bagley, and Lester River are some of my favorites on the east side.  We also have the Superior hiking trail that meanders through Duluth hillsides. Paved trails like the Munger give you access to a host of other options to the west of Duluth. With whatever you do, have fun... and always try to use quick, light steps!


about 10 years ago

If your goal is to be able to pace yourself -- for example self talk:  I'll run one lap, walk one lap, then consider trying using a timer to help you run longer stretches. One of the most common approaches new runners use is called the couch to 5k. 

With that in mind: the tracks mentioned or trail running -- especially at the end of Park Point. 

Or if you want a track but have issues with access, consider running around the parking lot at Park Point.


about 10 years ago

Proctor High track is easily accessible but you'll get a stronger breeze up on that hill in the open.  UWS track is accessible as well but also windy.  You could also try the old cinder track in Proctor off of Boundary ave.  I think it's still there.  Nice soft surface and roughly 400m.  Esko's track is easily accessible and would be sheltered from any strong winds, might still be cinder surface.  Logged a lot of laps on that track running for UWS CC before they got a track of thier own.

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