Duluth: The Real Hockey Town USA?

This will only be of interest to the biggest Duluth-o-philes, Twitter nerds (like me) and possibly hockey fanatics.

Last night for about 10-15 minutes Duluth East was trending on Twitter in the United States. This means that there was an enormous amount of “chatter” about Duluth East’s victory over Edina in the MN State High School League AA Hockey Semi-Finals.

I can think of no other time in the past two years that anything about Duluth has cracked trends, not even at the height of our multi-media Google Fiber Blitz, about a year ago.

I didn’t see the trend with my own eyes but there were many comments about it, including this one from a very nice man in Connecticut.

Incidentally, for those who want to watch again tonight from Connecticut or anywhere, there is an online stream I have not had great luck with it, but it’s better than nothing.



about 12 years ago

Back home, they make a huge deal out of high school football. (I think you know what I'm talking about.) They miss out on one very important factor: Minnesota and hockey.

Seriously, they don't broadcast football over the air. They don't cancel school for the state tourney. They don't interrupt your regularly scheduled rerun of Matlock to bring you the games. Screw Friday Night Lights. This hockey shit is hard core.


about 12 years ago

+1 Zra

It trended nationwide and that was the SEMI final.


about 12 years ago

The official website of all things Minnesota boys high school hockey. MN HOCKEY HUB

The ultimate ice hockey real-time scoring app! SPORT NGIN LIVE

jerry garcia

about 12 years ago

I take pride in Minnesota hockey.  I think hockey means more in Minnesota than any other state.

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