Friday, March 11, at Pizza Luce

Sarah Krueger will be opening the night with her fantastic brand of acoustic soul, “Laced with influences from the cold hillside city in which she lives, as well as a tasteful delve into the most fundamental themes that encompass us all.”

Meridene, a rock solid indie power-pop band from Eau Claire will go on around 11. Meridene is an eccentric and high energy four-piece who’s riffs, hooks, and choruses will not only keep your interest but itch your feet into stomping, jumping and dancing.

“At their highest level of energy, their songs attack with layers of charging guitars, sprawling keys and high-intensity percussion, while front man Trevor Ives’ voice soars over it all with warnings about trust and inevitable loss.”

Dirty Horse will close the night with a guaranteed rowdy, rowdy rock show. For those of you who’ve not experienced the DH, let’s just say you’re best off having a few too many beers and losing most, if not all, of your inhibitions.


jerry garcia

about 13 years ago

Case - feel me  in your heart when you sing.


Jerry _ peeps of fragile thunder


about 13 years ago

Mysterious drummer/blog publisher/beatnik...your musical prose is both enchanting and inspiring. I'm there.

Carl Miller

about 13 years ago

Dirty Horse? I heard they were playing in Moss Beach and Santa Cruz sometime this summer.

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