“When all is said and done, more is said than done.” – Alan Page

Sure the Packers won (another) super bowl victory tonight. Congratulations, I guess. But hey, for those of us that are Vikings fans, we may not have a gillion Lombardi trophies like Green Bay does, (we don’t have one even, Packer fans will be sure to tell you), but we’ve got something even better than the Packers:

A state supreme court justice. SO there.

Here’s MN Supreme Court Justice and former Viking great Alan Page talking about education, transcending politics, and the importance of strong families last week on MSNBC

“When all is said and done, more is said than done.” – Alan Page

Or if you don’t want to wait through the obligatory web ad, check out this trip down “Purple People Eater” memory lane on youtube

Greatest NFL Players of All Time: #43 Alan Page

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Alan Page, who is also co-founder of the Page Education Foundation will be the keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual MN Fathers Forever, March 5th at Fond du Lac College, visit the event’s Facebook Page for details.



about 12 years ago

Yee..eah... you're right about the Packers being the Greatest.


about 12 years ago

All right, I'll admit I'm a cheesehead by bloodline, and I'm getting tired of all these Championships.  But if I were a Queen though, I would suspect foul play. That Favrau was, through a brilliant ploy and  a scoundrel's deceit,  somehow teased into your lineup for another season setting you back five, while we forged ahead with a young QB.  Think about how intimately we knew Brett's primary weakness of narcissism? Aside, I gag on all the plot devices of manhood, leadership, character foisted on football. Reminds me of Westerns, my favorite part is when the cowboy starts talking about 'what a man is, and what a man does.'  Aside Aside,  for two somewhat classic working class town teams, the half time music choice was the ultimate face slap. JJ cale or ZZ Top couldn't have been far.

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