Duluth’s Charlie Parr on MN Original

Above: “Where You Gonna Be (When the Good Lord Calls You Home)”

Below: “South of Austin, North of Lyle”



about 13 years ago

Charlie's back at the Brewhouse this Wednesday.


about 13 years ago

Eric Berry Feb. 1.


about 13 years ago

Charlie Parr is undeniably good, but is anyone else tired of the idea that "artistic" music is either acoustic or jazz? Or, if neither of those, made using some kind of hokey machine (found object + circuit bending). Bleh.


about 13 years ago

I'm kind of tired of the old timey blue grassy thing that went into overdrive when Jerry Garcia died, if its any consolation. What ever happened to real live mind bending Rock and Roll that wasn't all Piss, Pose n Pomp?


about 13 years ago

I dunno Karasu...I'll freely admit that DIY (i.e., circuit bending, et, al) isn't for the masses, but most of what actually exists isn't for the masses either. appreciation for what actually goes *into* creating the music figures in fairly heavily into the equation for me.

What *is* undeniable however, is the sheer innovation that exists within that genre. It does take a certain measure of talent, knowhow and imagination to take parts from a geiger counter and a red phone and create something as complex as a theremin...and then to actually make it work? Seriously, look at what industrial wrought in the 80's...or for that matter, Fripp and Eno in the 1970s post Bowie and pre Byrne/Talking Heads. what those guys were doing then was even pioneered by a pack of British studio musicians (Can) back in the late 60's and early 70's. the Sugarhill Gang gave Blondie rhythm for Rapture.

Point being is that everything out there to some degree has been done and redone and will continue to be reinvented as future generations discover and expound upon old ideas. That's what keeps it fresh.

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