UMD professor on Nova Science Now

University of Minnesota Duluth Biology Professor Matt Andrews appeared in the “Hibernating Humans” segment on last week’s episode of Nova Science Now.

Dr. Andrews has been active in the field of hibernation since 1995 and has used his background in molecular biology and protein-DNA interactions to identify genes that regulate mammalian hibernation.


Tony D.

about 13 years ago

Paul, was this an intentional oxymoronic statement: "active in the field of hibernation"?

If so, bravo!


about 13 years ago

You can see Dr. Andrews talk about his work at TEDxUMD on March 1 at 7:00 in the Kirby Lounge, along with lots of other fascinating people.  I will post a fantastically interesting notice about the entire event in the next couple weeks.

Meanwhile, if you just can't wait.

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